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Preparing to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2017 | Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

For people from diverse backgrounds, there are times when bankruptcy becomes necessary. If you are considering bankruptcy, it is vital to closely review any of your choices and ensure that you have found the smartest direction forward. In Durham, and all other parts of North Carolina, some people may choose to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. At Wootton & Wootton, our law firm is very familiar with the different reasons people may decide to take this route.

There are a number of reasons why Chapter 13 is often advantageous, from offering reasonable repayment plans to allowing those who file to retain a large number of their assets. If you are sure that this is the best course of action given your financial situation, you should take a methodical approach and familiarize yourself with the process beforehand. In fact, even if you are not sure whether or not this option is ideal, it may be a wise decision to take a look at the ins and outs of the Chapter 13 process.

If you have found yourself buried in debt but believe that you have the ability to keep certain assets, this may be the best way to move forward and find financial freedom. After filing for bankruptcy, you may be able to enjoy peace of mind and a brighter future. If you have been struggling with severe anxiety due to your finances, you may be able to sleep better at night.

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