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On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2016 | Debt Relief

When a person experiences significant financial problems, it goes without saying that life is nothing short of stressful. That’s because they have to worry about how long they can ignore the growing pile of bills on the kitchen table, how long they can endure harassing communications from creditors, and even how long they’ll be able to stay in their home.

However, once they make the important decision to file for personal bankruptcy with the help of an experienced legal professional, much of this stress will subside. That’s because they will have an advocate on their side who will guide them through the process and protect their interests.

This isn’t to say that the process of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will be entirely stress-free. Indeed, a person will still have to do things like attend debt counseling courses, meet regularly with their attorney and see their incredibly personal financial difficulties made public.  

The good news to all this is that once the process is complete, a person will find that their life post-bankruptcy has improved by leaps and bounds.

That’s largely because:

  • They will be free from the majority of their debt
  • They will still be in possession of most or all of their property
  • They will have a fresh financial start, meaning they are free to start rebuilding their credit, and exploring options for things like mortgages and car loans
  • They will no longer have to worry about simple things like going to the mailbox or answering the phone, as creditors will no longer harass them

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