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Debt relief scams may leave North Carolina debtors worse off

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2017 | Debt Relief

Many North Carolina residents hope to find the best way to handle their outstanding debt. The idea of facing considerable balances can often lead to stress and anxiety, and for some, getting debt relief help may seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, some companies who claim to help debtors get out from under their liabilities only work to make matters worse.

It was recently reported that 15,000 people in the United States were affected by a relief scheme operated from another state. The scam utilized telemarketing techniques that informed individuals that the company could help consolidate and settle outstanding debts for a monthly fee. Some parties took this offer in hopes of managing their debt, but they ended up paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for no help at all.

The scheme resulted in the telemarketers swindling debtors out of approximately $70 million. Now a legal proceeding has been pressed against those individuals due to their actions. Unfortunately, the parties who hoped to utilize the false services now face even more debt than what they initially had, and some parties even faced legal action from their creditors.

Because of false claims of assistance such as this, many North Carolina residents may feel that there is no true way to get out from under outstanding liabilities. However, following legal routes such as bankruptcy could help parties work toward the debt relief they desire. Gaining information on this option may help interested individuals learn what benefits bankruptcy could offer and whether they could qualify for this financial relief option.

Source: Miami Herald, “They bragged they’d get you out of debt. They ripped off $70 million, Florida says”, Joseph A. Mann, Jr., Aug. 2, 2017


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