10 Facts About Bankruptcy

1) STOP FORECLOSURE — Bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure of your home and allow you to keep it. We can help you save your home as long as you file for bankruptcy within nine days of your foreclosure sale date.

2) STOP REPOSSESSION — If you are facing car repossession, bankruptcy can stop a creditor from doing so and allow you to keep your vehicle. And it might even lower your payment to the actual value of the car rather than the auto loan amount.

3) STOP BILL COLLECTORS — If you are behind on your bills, chances are creditors are calling. Once you file for bankruptcy, creditors are not allowed to contact you directly.

4) KEEP YOUR HOME AND CAR — Many people think if they file for bankruptcy that they are forced to surrender all their assets. Most people that file are able to keep their home and car, while eliminating other unsecured debt.

5) NEW BANKRUPTCY LAWS DO HELP — The rumor is that under the current laws people can no longer file for bankruptcy. But the truth is that bankruptcy can help you more now than ever before! A majority of our clients actually do better under the current laws than previous ones.

6) MARRIED COUPLES — Many couples believe that if one file for bankruptcy it means that both of them have to. You can actually file individually if the debts are primarily in your name and your spouse is not affected.

7) BANKRUPTCY IS NOT PUBLISHED — Some people think if they file for bankruptcy everyone will find out. In reality it is very difficult to find out if someone filed for bankruptcy; usually only parties involved know such as your creditors and attorney.

8) MIGHT GET RID OF CREDIT CARD BILLS — Credit card debt are unsecured. Such debts are not secured by property. Usually, medical bills, credit cards, personal loans, etc. are unsecured.

9) FAST FILING — Some people worry it will take months to file for bankruptcy. If you are in need of immediate assistance we can file usually within one to two days, as long as you can provide the necessary documentation.

10) NO PAYMENT UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY FILE — We will not collect any money from you until you are ready to file. We will sit down and discuss your possibilities with you and see how a bankruptcy could help you.