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Stop Car Repossession

The possibility of repossession is one of the most stressful aspects of insurmountable debt. The challenging irony is that, if your car is repossessed, you will lose your transportation to work to earn the money you need to pay off your debts! If your car is in danger of being repossessed, you need experienced bankruptcy lawyers to help you find the debt relief you need.

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At Wootton & Wootton, we can help you stop car repossession. Durham attorneys from our firm can help you with:

  • The automatic stay: The automatic stay prevents creditors from engaging in any collections activities while you are in the bankruptcy process. Stopping creditor harassment during bankruptcy could give you the help you need to catch up on your payments and avoid repossession.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Chapter 7 is a debt liquidation option that can eliminate your debt and give you a fresh start on your finances.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Under Chapter 13, you could get an opportunity to pay your debts in a three-year or five-year repayment period with manageable monthly payments.

Get A Bankruptcy Attorney Involved As Soon As Possible

Obviously, it is much simpler to help you keep your car before it has been repossessed. If we file bankruptcy within a day, however, we might be able to get your car back after it has been repossessed.

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